Hello, I’m Milica!

As a highly qualified Serbian teacher and author, I’m waiting for you on the other side of the screen to guide you through this exciting journey.

With a Master’s degree in Serbian language and literature, I have dedicated years to sharing the beauty of my native language.

Do you also assume that Serbian is a difficult language to learn? My main goal is to challenge this common misconception! With the proven teaching method, I strive to make Serbian accessible and enjoyable for any level you belong to. Whether you’re a beginner or already have some knowledge of the language, my passion is to help you become confident in speaking Serbian.

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Individual lessons with personalized plan

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Group lessons

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Courses especially designed for beginners

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Serbian is not hard…
But it’s beautiful!

Yes, we DO have:

  • 2 scripts
  • 7 cases
  • 3 genders
  • 2 types of verb “to be”
  • 2 verb aspects
  • many types of numbers
  • endless exceptions
  • rich slang
  • 10+ words for a pie
  • 100+ words for family relations…

Even so, my students are managing to:

  • speak Serbian fluently
  • get married in Serbian
  • sign necessary contracts in Serbian
  • talk with their distant dear ones who are convenient only in Serbian
  • make new connections with Serbian speakers
  • navigate everyday life challenges and joys in the Serbian environment
Teach Me Srpski - Serbian is not hard… But it’s beautiful 2

Join my lessons

My students know me for my easygoing and flexible approach. Each learner has unique needs, so I’m committed to adapting my teaching methods to suit individual preferences and schedules. With a positive, encouraging demeanor, I aim to create a comfortable learning environment where you can feel supported and motivated.

My classes are:

  • Designed for adults of all ages and language levels
  • Simple and fun
  • Motivating and engaging
  • Based on a pedagogical and systematic approach
  • Perfectly structured
  • Powered by fast-improving methodology
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Learning options

Individual lesson for all level students
35 50 minutes
1:1 lesson for fast-paced results and total focus on your language target
Enjoy developing your listening, writing, and speaking skills following individual plan created for you. All lesson preparations and learning materials provided.
Ultimate course for beginners
Coming soon release date: 1st of August
Video lessons
Complete study guide
Conversational in-person lessons for advanced learners
20 60 minutes
Group of 3-5 students for expanding conversational skills
All lessons preparations and learning materials provided.
+ special bonus
Guided self-study program for advanced learners
90 1 month
Study at your own pace and schedule with professional guidance and mentoring
4 packages of learning materials (text, audio, exercises...)
4 homework reviews
2 individual lessons for tutoring and conversation
Let me introduce you my students

  • Young people willing to learn Serbian from scratch
  • Business people on a temporary stay in the Serbian environment
  • People in love who need to communicate in Serbian with their partner and their family and friends
  • New residents who are grasping everyday life in Serbia